Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's A Good Life!

Having a good life is celebrating the life you have.
Having a good life is appreciating the Good in your life.
Having a good life is accepting the Good You Are.
Having a good life is forgiving what seems bad.

To be fully able to see the Good Life is to live the good and Godly way.
It does not come from what is external: it is an inside job.
It comes from choosing to imagine, believe and choose to seek the Good in what is.
In the present, without past and future tripping, we can experience beauty, goodness and Love.

Miracles are natural to those who trust in the Goodness and God in all things.
Love is the miracle of forgiving everything that is not loving.
Life is the educational university to learn to forgive all things.
Appreciation of ourselves and others, plus gratitude for our lives gives us joy in being!

Practically speaking, what is the best way to begin to have a good life?
  • Wake up each morning with a prayers of gratitude.
  • Immediately begin to imagine the kind of day you want!
  • Get moving, up and out of bed, the minute you start letting your mind drift to negativity.
  • While taking your shower, send yourself the most kind thoughts of health and affirmation.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast with gratitude.
  • Read, write and pray (affirm) goodness and wholeness.
  • Make a commitment to yourself of your intention for the day (To be loving, peaceful, etc.)
  • If something yucky happens, stop, forgive your judgments and choose again for what you want.
  • Remember the basics: Rest when tired, eat when hungry, drink when thirsty and move when stuck.
  • Laugh at your silliness and mistakes.
  • Smile at strangers, expecting nothing, but enjoying their return smile.
  • Look for the little gifts of kindness from yourself and others.
  • Commit to loving you and loving others all day everyday.
  • Be patient with the neediness you may see and give what you can without sacrifice.
  • Be cool and calm when people flare up in anger, fear or defensiveness.
  • Forgive your judgments of others so you can see all things new again each moment.
  • When you forget to be loving, just let it go with "Uh Oh! I forgive myself for forgetting."
  • End each day with gratitude for all you are and what you do, always Loving YOU!
  • And appreciate how you too, can have a good life!

I am loving you,
Betty Lue
I want you to know that you are an integral part of my Good Life!!