Saturday, August 11, 2007

Have It All

To want what we have and have what we want is what makes us appreciate the creation process.
Bless what you have.
Acknowledge responsibility for your experience.
See it with forgiveness of your judgments on it.
Give yourself the credit for creating that which you have.
Enjoy what you are learning and teaching, giving and receiving.
Just as a child learns through their experiences, so are we “big” children.

To blame or feel victimized by your experience separates you from having what is yours.
When we give ourselves the full experience with appreciation, we can choose to change it.
When we allow ourselves full acceptance of what it, we can see others options and choices.
We are here to learn and experience fully the creative process.

Life is a learning laboratory in which each individual has the opportunity to embrace or reject their lessons.
Life is a process of letting go of our blocks (judgment, fear and the need to control) to learning easily.
Life is a place to enjoy the experience of living, loving, learning, laughing and letting go.
Abundant living is natural for those who trust God and Good and are free to choose again.

This weekend we are in Michigan (Aug. 9-13) at a family reunion with my Mother, and also offering a few workshops for some of our ordained Reunion ministers and other Kalamazoo friends, many whom we have knows since we had a holistic center here (Reunion Whole Life Center from 1994-1998). I love returning for the renewal of these deep and inspiring relationships. I love returning to see how much has grown in consciousness and in the stuff of life. I seek to see the growth, the awakening, the transformation in all things both in those seekers we have known for over 10 years and in the ever growing Dickerson family. In both the spiritual family and the blood family the cycle of life is apparent. All things move through seasons of growth, renewal and letting go. There are the changes of childbirth, and child-rearing, adolescence, adulthood and marriage, career, etc. and the letting go of the body as many cycle down. All are part of the grand scheme of learning, loving and letting go.

Two truths stand out as I observe:
Love is an action of detachment.
Life is letting go of limitations.
Spiritual Development is continuing to learn and renew freedom and trust.

Be willing.
Be aware.
Be grateful.
Betty Lue