Friday, August 24, 2007

Conflict or Peace?

When there is conflict, choose Peace.
When there is doubt, choose Faith.
When there is fear, choose Love.
When there is hurt, choose Forgiveness.

Life gives us opportunities to choose.
We must clarify what we value.
Choose what matters to us.
Release what is unimportant.

Life is the school of active learning.
It is a laboratory where we experiment and explore.
When we get explosive results, we make note and choose again.
When we get what we desire, we affirm and appreciate.

There are temptations to be divisive, to be politic, to be argumentative.
There are needs to be healing, to be peacemakers and to be conciliatory.
There are choices between following precedent or honoring principle.
These are crucial times of creating the world we want for our children and grandchildren.

Each one of us is a point of light, directing humanity where we would have them go.
To honor principle, to speak the Highest Truth, to live with integrity, this is my goal.
It is sometimes difficult to do the "right" thing, to speak with confidence, to request the best for All.
It sometimes takes courage to stand up for what we believe and to live in alignment with our values.
Yet, this is the message, the story, the guide I would use for my fellow spiritual travelers.

I am encouraging all of us to show up, stand up, to speak up.
This is the time where we must not hide in fear and anonymity.
Show your True colors and may they be bold with Love and Peace and appreciative Joy!

Loving you,
Betty Lue