Saturday, August 25, 2007

Challenges Build Strength

Doubters ask for an expression of Faith.
Fear mongers invite Love to heal.
Wrong doers require Courage to stop.
Lies require Truth.

In the way of the Tao,
"It is essential that we do not depend on good fortune.
We must depend on our own virtuous personality and normal life to make us the final winner.
This is the key to reaching the Tao, the great path of life."

To change ourselves to adapt to others ways weakens us.
To maintain our own high path of Truth and Integrity is to gain confidence, consistency and inner peace.

In a world that seems caught in questions, criticism and conflict, we must stay with our true values.
To be authentic is to live what we believe and teach by example.

In this time of adversity, misfortune and volatility, we must be honest , generous and stable.
To be distracted by negativity of those who would project their own lack of integrity is to be off purpose.

In relationships with disrespect, irresponsibility and dissension, we must be constant with respect, response-ability and the voice of collaboration. To be confused by others confusion and inner conflict, puts everyone in jeopardy.

Now is the time when those who are awake must step up and show up with the highest we know.
Teach those who seek to learn.
Reassure those who seek refuge from fear.
Guide those who are asking for direction.
Listen to those who need to clarify their own mind.

Dare to be True to your Inner Guidance
Do what you are being called to do with Love.
Be silent and listen within, unless invited to speak Truth.

Life needs our commitment to the Highest Way.

Loving you,
Betty Lue