Tuesday, August 21, 2007

All Is Part of God

Beyond the body,
beneath the learned personality,
the energy within the form,
the love that inspires our holy function,
we all are part of God, the Infinite, the Unified Field of All Possibility.

"Godlettes"= Each one of us is a droplet of Divine energy.

Some would name us individually, good or bad, holy or unholy, depending on how we live.
Some would claim our beliefs are right or wrong, true or false.
Some would see the world divided by religion, gender, politics, nationality, age or education.
Some would say they do it themselves and want credit and fame, money and power.

However, when it all is said and done, we are each simply a perfect aspect of the greater whole.
Each one of us is here to play our perfect part with enthusiasm, self respect ad appreciation.
When we are living and giving what is truly ours to be, do and have, we will love all easily.
The comparison, envy, greed and fear will disappear as we claim our True Identity.

Relinquish all attack, judgment and fear, on yourself and one others.
Forgive yourself for letting anyone or anything hurt you or diminish your light.
Give yourself the best and watch how you inspire others to do the same.
Claim only that you are Love expressing ItSelf as Love, creating Goodness everywhere.

Realize that by fully being your authentic Self, you are irreplaceable.
Recognize that there is only One of You and your part is needed.
Acknowledge that your piece of God is essential to the Peace of God.
Appreciate that your Joy and Love and Peace come solely from being the Love You Are.

I am loving you, as I write to you everyday.
I am seeing us all, healed of our division.
I am remembering that there is only One of Us.
I am delighting in shining away the clouds of confusion and separation.
Betty Lue