Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Two or More

Wherever there are two or more, all things are possible.

Have you noticed when you feel alone and separate, fearful and self pity, the creative mind closes?
Have you noticed when you just focus on your own problem, you get stuck in the same negativity?
Have you observed that when you fail to let go of your problems, they fester in the archives of your mind?
Have you seen how negative beliefs and limiting thoughts can seem so real, when held in the darkness?

In the most practical ways…
Inviting the most creative and trusting person into your solution-finding process could be the answer.
Sharing your concerns with someone who will not believe your self made limitations may be the solution.
Including those who are creative, possibility thinkers with faith may be exactly what is needed.
And there is always faith in Spirit to forgive and heal, undo and bring Light to the endarkened mind!

To choose the one you join with in seeking a better way, a creative solution, a Master Mind connection......
Choose someone who you can trust, who will keep your stuff confidential.
Choose someone who loves you and truly wants the best for you.
Choose someone who holds the space for mistakes and problems as challenges and growth opportunities.
Choose someone who is inspired when asked for help.
Choose someone who will flush the past behind and see you in the most whole and holy light.
Choose someone who actually admires your courage and appreciates your willingness to ask.
Choose someone who has the time and energy and resources to give what you “need” (not necessarily what you want).
Choose someone who lives an unlimited and spiritually creative and happy life.
Choose someone who is willing to cut through your neediness and resolve the real issues of trust.
You know who to choose….now just do it.

And when you are asked, consider it an honor and privilege.
Give the best which is what you want to receive when you are in need.
Remember the giver is always receiving what is given.
We must laugh at the idea of sacrifice, since we are always giving to ourselves, the One We Are.

And last, give to those who are truly seeking help, counsel, inspired listening and your prayer.
It can be disheartening to give your best to someone who just wants to complain and get your sympathy or handout.
Even there, we can help prepare them for the Real request for spiritual help and guidance from within.
This is where we must be compassionate and creative in our honest response, guided by Spirit within us.

“Whenever a brother or sister asks with genuine willingness and open-mindedness, do it unless it does harm to him or to you.”

My policy is to never give advice or spiritual counsel unless specifically asked. I
e. These reminders are only sent to those who request them from me.
I also make appointments with people for time together in consultation with a request that I receive from them some compensation.
(Possible forms: Gratitude, exchange of services, using what is shared for the Good of others, financial remuneration of some kind, etc.

The one requesting must give to the co-creative process their confidence in the process.
They must participate with a willingness to share their best as well.

Life is for giving . And we are gifts one to another.
It is only in giving the gift of yourself that you begin to realize the Gift You Are.
Betty Lue