Saturday, June 30, 2007

Trusting Our Brothers

When we "trust" others, we set aside the mistakes of the past.
In the moment Now, we see their holiness.
When we "trust" others, we step out of the future and be present with what is before us.
By seeing with forgiving eyes, we can behold the True Self, free of our error and sin.

In glimpsing the Goodness within each One, we can begin to know and empower our own.
When we seek to find the mistakes of each one, we amplify and doubt our own Holiness.
In forsaking the worldly way of evaluating and comparing, we find peace in seeing the Light.
For it is looking for that Light of God and Love of Goodness that we find it in everyone.

Just as the Secret Law of Attraction invites us to see and believe in what we envision,
So in our relationships can we draw forth, communicate with and celebrate what we Love.
Just as the archer focuses totally on the bull's eye rather than remembering all past misses,
so must we erase from our mind's eye the "sins" committed previously, to see the Present.

What we experience is the result of our thoughts and feelings,
What we are responsible for it how we perceive our brothers.
What we experience is the outcome of our mind, body and spiritual prayers.
What we experience comes from the affirmations held in our heart.

When we are willing to heal our doubt, fear and judgment of others,
we take responsibility for the behavior of our brothers.
What we expect, we attract.
What we fear and resist, we call forth.
What we celebrate, we enhance.
What we value, we increase.

Love is freedom and Trust.
We are free to believe or to doubt.
When we doubt, we interfere with the manifestation of what we want.
When we believe, we think and feel, act and live, with faith in the Highest Outcome for All.

Trusting and freeing you and me to be all we are meant to be,
Betty Lue