Thursday, July 19, 2007

Raining in Hawaii

All is in divine Order.
It is not so important that we like what happens, as it is that we not judge it.
Life comes to us as a teaching and learning experience to come to realize all is well.

When perceived without judgment, we find the miracles the blessings the gifts of spirit.
When we perceive life with judgment, we find pain, problems, criticism, suffering and loss.
When we seek to blame or find the guilty cause, we are reinforcing the perceived wrong.
When we seek for forgive and bless, we find peace and ease and healing.

Such is the fun, safe and easy way to live with ourselves and one another.

I have given myself 3 days of rest because my body/mind wasn’t up for more.
Yes, I could seek the explanations of altitude in flying, different climate, foods, and other stuff. But the simple and innocent truth is what I experienced only allowed bed rest and total quiet.
So I responded with Love. Love works.

This morning I am happy and here with you. Ready for a walk in the rain and possibly a swim when the pool opens. Our retreat group is off for a respectful and spiritually conscious dolphin swim this morning. This afternoon, they will gather here in our condo for a luncheon of many salads and grilled cheese sandwiches and this evening a local luau of traditional Hawaiian music, dances and foods. Tomorrow we will have our breakfast high on the mountain overlooking the coast, with homemade local pies, a fabulous papaya special and other fun stuff with the geckos lining up to lick up from the little jelly cups. Then our retreat teaching, learning and laughing, loving time together followed by a trip to a little outdoor marketplace and local hula school performing out in the mall as they do every Friday eve year round. Saturday is our last formal day of retreat and will be a gentle completion of our inner work on personal freedom and responsibility. Wish you were here? Maybe next year? Same time and place.

What is your real response-ability other than to show up in life, as conscious and loving as you can be?
What is your real work, but to live your whole life true to your values and your life purpose?
What is your true responsibility in this human existence other than to pursue your willingness to Love?
What is your real calling but to be grateful to your creator for giving you everything you need to be happy?

When I live my life purposefully, giving the Love I am to everyone, to God and to myself, I am happy.
When I give my natural gifts freely and joyfully, I am fulfilled and abundantly blessed with more.
When I remember God is working in me and through me, I know I am free to be All I Am.
When I free myself from the detours, distractions, and disillusionment of humanity, I am on purpose.

Freedom to be is the freedom to see things differently than others.
Freedom to me is the call to give all to all.
Freedom is the song of my heart to create a beautiful, happy, helpful and holy world when al humanity respects one another and loves unconditionally.
Freedom is the gift of my Creator and Source to use this temporary time and space to live in Grace for the Good of All.

I love this life and I intend to use it for Good.
More tomorrow and now you are a gift to me,
Betty Lue