Thursday, July 12, 2007


Apparent conflict, division, separation, difficulty, mistakes, judgments, dis-ease, upsets……

Trust will settle every problem now.
All things are lessons God would have me learn.
This too shall pass.
I can choose to see this differently.
Hold no position. State your case and let go to hear the other.
Love heals.
With forgiveness, this will disappear.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with Love.
I of myself know and can do nothing.
With God in me, there is nothing I cannot do.
All things work together for Good.
Life works when I do the Work.
Enough love heals everything. ( Emmett Fox)
There is only One of us.
Beneath the apparency, there is only Love and the call for Love.
Give all things to God for healing.
Problems cannot be resolved at the level of thinking at which it was created.
All upsets are past similars from unhealed childhood wounds, misunderstandings and confusion.
We are never upset for the reason we think.
In my defenselessness my safety lies.
All attack is attack against myself.
Seek first to understand.
Upsets indicate only that we are off purpose.
Give your brother/sister whatever he/she asks unless it does harm to him or to you.
Forgiveness is the key to happiness.
You who want peace can find it only by complete forgiveness.

Thank you God.
Thank you A Course in Miracles.
Thank you life learning.
Thank you Betty Lue for being a happy and willing learner.
Blessed be.
Betty Lue

How precious are the little children! To love, respect and admire (look up to) our elders is one of the most empowering gifts of humanity.
Find a role model to admire, love and respect.
Be a role model to love, admire and respect.
We are teaching our world with every thought (prayer), word (inspiring Truth) , and deed (act only with kindness and respect.) I am loving you and you and you and you and you. We are all in this together to learn from the Good (God) in one another.