Thursday, July 26, 2007

Leaving Hawaii

Leaving Hawaii in two hours.
The pictures below may be worth about 4000 words, about 1000 each!
We had a fabulous retreat experiencing responsibility and freedom.
Robert and I watched much of the Tour De France with great enthusiasm and interest.
We have scheduled and calendared our entire 2007-8 programs and travel.
We have renewed much of the programming and calendar for THOTSC.
We have visioned and put into place many of the spirit-guided adventures forthcoming.
We have prayed and praised the beautiful rain, the overflowing Pele, Goddess here on the Big Island.
We have delighted in all the miracles of calf-roping, syncronistically meeting one of our ministry students and retreatants while he was hitch-hiking with two others ant took them to a nearby beach and being blessed with wonderful helpful and loving people.
Robert is reading the new Harry Potter book, and I actually finished reading a novel.
We ate mostly our salad and papaya and other fruit diet.
We renewed some old friendships with venders here and look forward to returning next year.
Many more fabulous and fun adventures in our very simple way.
Home real soon with renewed Spirit and enthusiasm for the coming year.
Loving you, Betty Lue

Yes, rested, renewed and rejuvenated.

Off the balcony at a Sunday Brunch.

I love these little guys.
Geikos are so beautiful!

On a morning seaside walk!