Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ignoring or Letting Go

On this day of change and transformation, let us change the ways we see and treat our earth home!!!
Offer peace, gratitude and profound respect for all She continues to give to us.
Let us hear her call and respond with Love.
Betty Lue

It is valuable to ignore behaviors you want to extinguish in yourself and others.
It is effective to reward behaviors you wish to encourage.
While the negative behavior may escalate to get attention, continue to turn your attention away.
This is the essence of behavior modification in young children and adults.

Letting go of fear is the heart of spiritual growth.
Letting go of the need to be right.
Letting go of the past and its mistakes.
Letting go of the need to correct others.

How the psychology of behavior modification and the spirituality of A Course in Miracles and New Thought differ or support one another.
When we see another behaving insanely (without Love and Trust), it is important to perceive the "sanity" in him.
This means I must always seek the loving way to call forth the Love in another.
Our work here is not to be right, but to be happy and at peace by following our inner spirit.

How can I be less that I Am just to match the other's insane behavior?
I must step up and call forth the best in myself and the other.
While I have experimented with other ways to match the emotional tone and need of others, it serves me not at all to diminish myself to meet insanity with insanity or pettiness with pettiness or fear with fear.
I must continue to give my highest and best in all circumstances.

To do this I must take impeccable care of myself, not over-giving or withholding all that I Am.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

My current favorite way to assist others in finding their way back to peace is changing the channel, shifting the focus to something fun and positive. My second favorite way is to reach out with Love and give deeply of the Love I AM. My intention and purpose is always to listen within to the Voice of Goodness and God within me and respond accordingly. Let it be.