Saturday, July 28, 2007

Full Moon

Full moon tomorrow.
Full summer of surprises, work and play, love and joy abound.
Full schedule of happy relationships, events, creations and children.
Full life with a quiet and open mind, a grateful heart and an energized body.
My heart greets All and my Spirit rejoices.

What if we could live in this state always?
What causes us to fall away from what is so ideal and love-filled?
What do we need to stay awake to the beauty and goodness in life?
What works and why not stay with what is working?

A wise ole friend of mine tells me again and again that we need the duality, the opposites.
He insists that life is meant to be highs and lows, ups and downs, pleasures and pains.
He says, "Without the bad how could we appreciate the Good?"

I am postulating that all Good puts us to sleep, the land of forgetfulness and complacency.
With too much of a Good thing people start to take for granted the Goodness and Beauty.
People forget to be grateful, to appreciate and increase what they value.
With all Good, we would step out of this dualistic world into pure Joy and Perfect Love.

I am surmising the wakeup calls of upset and distress cause people stop, look and listen within.
I am hoping that we can all use our pains and problems to choose again for Joy and Trust.
I am encouraging us to find more fun, safe and easy ways to stay conscious and at choice.
I am inviting us to do the work of praying and praising God and Good everyday in every way.

When we hold onto our fear and judgment of mistakes, problems and pain, we sustain them.
When we make things that go wrong an "issue", we may stay in the mess for hours, months or years.
It is with the consciousness of forgiveness, choice and gratitude that we can return quickly to Good.
Forgive what is judged, choose what is preferred and be grateful for what you have.
This is the key to fun, safe and easy remembering and self-actualization.

Judgment and fearful thinking slow down the clearing process.
Forgiveness and thankful thinking speed up the clearing process.
Practice, experiment and enjoy the quick and easy results.

Loving you,
Betty Lue