Saturday, July 14, 2007

Forgiving, Not Forgetting

Life is for giving. "You are the Gift."
This is the Truth. This is our salvation.
It is in giving that we discover the Gift of ourselves.
When you give your very best, asking nothing in return, you receive the very best you have given.

Giving is the path of reminding yourself of the Spiritual Gifts in You.

Life is for getting. "You are lacking and needy."
This is the ego's message. This is our downfall.
It is in forgetting your True Self that you receive others forgetfulness.
When you seek to get the best for yourself, asking everything from others, you receive what they have.

Getting is the precarious trail of tears, reflecting and projecting your own fears.

Let us forgive ourselves for seeking outside ourselves.
The rich and unlimited resource of possibility lies within.
When we tap into giving by forgiving the limiting beliefs and errant teachings of our forefathers, we find we are more beautiful, capable, abundant and magnificent that we know.
After all we are children of an unlimited, omniscient and omnipotent Creator…
How could we not be created in the likeness and image of limitlessness?

To have All, give All to All.
In the giving abundantly, there is great joy.
In the giving gratefully, there is great peace.
In the giving happily, there is so much love.

This is life's Loving Reminder.
Life is for giving. We are the gifs.
It is in giving that we experience the Gift We Are.

Blessing to all who awaken in the Joy, Peace and Love of Givingness.
Betty Lue

While we leave tomorrow for Hawaii, you will be hearing from me again and again.
I am trusting the technology and all goes well.
So email and calls at 800-919-2392 will work beautifully.
There is always time to serve the Greater Good.
Remember to experiment today with giving.
You are the Gift.