Friday, July 20, 2007

Creating What You Want Your World to Be

Every thought, word and deed are a creative expression of your legacy for this earth and humanity.
Like dropping poop or pearls, you leave behind what you contribute for the Good or ill of All.
It is our work to clean up after ourselves with forgiveness and gratitude.
We can easily acknowledge and offer up our lives to Spirit to be used for the Highest Good.

When you remember that you are teaching your friends and family, your past and your future, you may want to recreate the lessons you teach. Your behavior is your legacy from yourself for future generations.
Our life experience is a reflection of what we collectively agreed upon by our participation in perceiving, believing, receiving and giving.
We each independently are teaching our children and grandchildren, our partners and friends.

Our cleaning house with gratitude reminds others to clean their houses with appreciation.
Our clean language, both inner and outer, teaches others to clean up their language.
Our clean living and loving is a living and loving reminder for our world to live in Love.
Our integrity and consistency in thought , word and deed teaches others to be honest with themselves and others.

If we want what is best for all in our world, we must live and give what we know is best.
If we have secrets, criticism, negativity, threats and demands, we know we are needed to clean up within and in our relationships.
If we perceive the need to improve the health, finances, re-creation and relationships in our world, we can do our part by living impeccably.
If we want respectful and harmonious relationships with no violence or hurt, we can forgive ourselves for being unhappy, disrespectful and creating conflict in our relationships.

Peace begets peace.
Honesty teaches honesty.
Love heals and fills where there is lack of love.
Now is our time to step up to the challenge to give the best we have to each moment.

We can live our highest values by staying in remembrance that thoughts create just as much as our words and behaviors.
We must be fully aware and respectful of the ways in which we spend our time energy and resources.
Tour everyday life and our expenditures reflect the values we are living.
Where we idealize spiritual values, but live valuing worldly stuff, we are out of integrity.
This shows up in upset, disease and difficulty.

A simple shift of consciousness to live what we want to be is our living legacy for planet earth and our children.
Live and give what you want to be and you will see All You Are Here to Be.
Right here and right now, you can make the difference by simplying playing your part with integrity.
Blessed be!
Betty Lue

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