Sunday, July 08, 2007

Conflict or Peace?

Do you want to be right or be happy?
Whatever you choose determines your behavior and the outcome.
Do you want conflict or peace?
Whatever you choose creates the experiences you have?

I prefer to be happy.
I make choices to step away from being right and making others wrong.
I leave any position I hold to consider the other's point of view.
I choose to forgive and let go of past upset so I can return to happiness.

I prefer peace.
"The peace of god is my single goal, the aim of all my living here, the end I seek, my purpose and my function and my life." From A Course in Miracles
When I am disturbed by anyone or anything, it represents a step away from the Truth.
I have lost my way, forgotten my purpose here and believed I am limited and lacking.

I choose Peace.
I extend Peace.
I step away from conflict.
I return to the Voice of Peace within.

When the world teaches conflict, it aims at teaching the game of right and wrong.
There is no right way.
When we engage in arguing or conflict resolution, we are functioning at the level of humanness.
We can rise about our petty differences and neediness and enter into the realm of Spiritual Truth.
We can care about one another and share our best Selves, by forgiving all that is not wholly loving.

All upsets are past similars.
"We are never upset for the reason we think." ACIM
When we try to resolve conflicts in the present, we are merely avoiding the ancient wound.
When we are in conflict, we are trying to heal an unhealed wound from our childhood.
This can only be resolved within ourselves.

The work is to go within to the healer within ourselves.
The work is to be appreciative of the current situation that brought to light where we need healing.
The work is to step back within ourselves to listen to the Voice of Peace and healing.
The work is to do the spiritual work.

There is no need for dumping (puking and pooping) on our loved ones.
There is no need to make others wrong to make ourselves right.
There is no need to fix or change situations that appear to be broken.
There is no need to discuss and argue about what is our own inner conflict.

There is a need to stop ourselves from acting out.
There is a need to look at what is happening inside and out with a greater Light of awareness.
There is a need to listen to what our minds are believing and deeply listen to our inner Voice's response.
There is a need to heal ancient wounds (fears) that cloud and distort our misperception and beliefs.

Rather than fight, argue, discuss, explain, prove, justify, figure out and analyze, there is a better way.
Rather than struggle endlessly wasting time and energy, there is a fun, safe and easy way to find peace.
Rather than feeling guilt, fear, resentment, hurt or anger, there is a path of ease and effectiveness.
Create privacy with and for your own Higher Self.
Ask for healing and help from Spirit.

What is happening here?
What needs to be healed within me?
How am I to bring the healing Light of God to this situation?
How do I respond with Love?
What am I to say? And to whom?
Where am I needing to respond with Love to my inner child?
How can I see things differently?

There is a place in you that is filled with Light.
There is a place in you that extends only the Love of God.
There is a place in you that offers only Love and Peace to all as One.
There is a Place in you that remembers the Truth of Who You Are.

Bless your willingness to listen within.
Baruch Basham,
Betty Lue

Living in the Peace of God.
The sleep of the innocent