Monday, July 23, 2007

Blocks to Receiving?

During our stay here, our Comcast server blocked these Loving Reminders and our other messages to all Comcast recipients (several hundred of them). We were blocked because of technology picking up on mass mailings from reunion We are limited to mailing to less than 1000 people daily, unless we purchase an expensive business account. Since we are emailing through another server here in HI, they needed to clear us again to send to our email subscription list. This experience inspired me to look at all the ways humanity is blocked from perceiving what is whole and good and beautiful.

Are you distracted, delayed or detoured by technology?
Are you disappointed by holding expectations, wishful thinking or unrealistic desires?
Are you discouraged by asking for too little or too much?
Do you allow busy-ness, dis-ease or your current worries and concerns to suspend your gratitude?
Are you blocking the highest and best messages of Truth and Love that are available to you?

I am aware of many emails advertising, promising and seducing people to buy, get and trust what is illusion.
I am aware of negative thoughts and feelings which get all our attention and concern.
I am aware of the avoidance patterns of addiction, shopping, gambling and pleasure-seeking.
I am aware of how much of humanity turns away from the Light to seek the comfort of darkness.

Are you blocking the Light?
Are you avoiding the Truth?
Are you living in a cover-up of temporary solutions?
Are you seeking what is a quick fix to the experience of life?

Reality is what we make real for us.
Much of the world is defending again the High and Holy Truth, because of adapting to the worldly truth.
Ego says, “Let’s not believe or trust in God, because the pain of disappointment is too depressing.”
Perhaps if we lived in Faith, we could never know disappointment.

I have faith that those receiving messages of Love and Trust, Freedom and Responsibility, are choosing the High way.
I know that living in the Light brings consistent deLight day after day.
I see the Reality of Love expressing itself in everyway, healing and transforming people’s lives.
I hear the Voice of God and Goodness and know it is available to every One.

This is my message and the song I sing in my heart.
This is my reason for Being here.
I trust God and Good in all things.
Bless it All.
Betty Lue

Back on the mainland on Friday 7/27.