Monday, July 09, 2007

The Blessings Already Are

Is it possible that our conflicts, upsets and emergencies are all made up as a distraction?
Is it possible that our "humanity" has created a dramatic soap opera, we call "life"?
Is it possible that the illusion of pain and suffering, war and violence, is a miscreation?
Is it possible that those who know the Truth are at peace watching their movie run its course?

Some of us believe what we see on the screen and become part of the drama.
Some of us watch and are frightened, but walk away knowing it was just all madeup.
Some of us simply bless what we see and practice finding peace within.
Some of us simply choose to only watch and participate in inspiring movies.

Whatever our view of life, we are each where we need to be, experiencing and creating what is our Truth.
Life is our learning and experimental laboratory where we see what we seek and find what we believe.
As we change our beliefs and correct our misperceptions, we come to realize the creator and the creation.
When we take responsibility for what comes our way, we respond with gratitude and helpfulness.

Life is an adventure for some.
Life is a roller coaster for others.
Life is a spiritual path for some.
Life is a sacred remembering for others.
Life is a discovery process for some.
Life is a school for others.
Life is a joy for some and a pain for others.
Life is brilliant experience for some and a trial for others.

In this life I have lived many lives and many possibilities.
I have chosen diversity, exploration and learning about human stuff.
It has felt cheerful and challenging, inspiring and intriguing, abundant and full of service.
Life is rather impersonal for me with opportunities to help others let go.
I am enjoying the life I have chosen. If not I will change what I choose.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Note: Robert and I will be in Kona, Hawaii from July 15-27th.
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