Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Your Choice

Life is your choice.
If you choose, you are responsible.
If you don't choose you are responsible.
Either way, you are responsible.

We each have the freedom to choose how we respond to life.
We each are free to love or fear, experience peace or conflict, judge or forgive, laugh or cry.
We are totally free to choose how we respond to all the experiences in life.
We are free to remember or forget, free to bless or to complain, free to trust or to worry.

The beauty of our freedom is that we really can choose what we think and how we feel.
It is easy to see ourselves as victims of our feelings or our thoughts, but they are choices we make.

Emotions are simply energy in motion.
Energy is for the purpose of creating.
We can choose to use our energy to create Love and Joy and Peace.
Or we can choose to use our energy to create fear and pain and war.

When we have yucky emotions, it is a “wakeup call that we have forgotten our Holy Purpose.
We can choose to listen within and return to Love by forgiving our separation from Higher Truth.
When we forgive our detour or distraction, we return to alignment with our love and joy and peace!
Yeah for emotions! They simply show us when and where we have distrusting thoughts.

We can use emotions like children to get attention, get our way, be heard, manipulate and control.
We can enjoy our emotions like riding the roller coaster of ups and downs with the rush of drama.
We can play others' emotions by using our own to inspire and encourage theirs, negative and positive.
We can emote as catharsis, clearing our space to be able to choose again, like sneezing to release.

Personally, I prefer the more spiritual, inspiring and God-given emotions of Peace and Joy.
Therefore, I usually choose to lay the rest down in private through journaling, forgiveness, breathing or old fashioned letting go. When I find myself expressing distrustful emotions, I know I have disconnected from God and Higher Power. I am calling for a Loving Reminder, "What is the Truth?" always wakes me up to listen within and know Who and Whose I Am, how I am loved and guided perfectly and to trust in the outcome by letting go of all expectations, doubts and fears.

I appreciate these momentary lapses of consciousness.
They remind me, I prefer living in Peace and Joy.
I prefer choosing Freedom and Trust.
I prefer letting go of fear.
I prefer extending only Peace to my brothers and sisters.
I prefer to be the Love I AM.
Therefore I choose what I prefer to have, and so it is.
My thoughts and emotions support what I choose.

Blessing our choices for the High Way of Freedom and Trust!
Betty Lue