Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Set Your Own Course

When we allow others to determine our goals, we may be confused and get lost.
When we let current fads or societal norms determine our destination in life, we may feel doubtful.
When we ask others for advice and get their opinions for themselves, we may feel hesitant.
When we step forward playing parts determined by loved ones, we may lack confidence.

As much as we want to please, we may forget to please ourselves.
As much as we want to serve others, we may give up our own self-care.
As much as we let the squeaky wheel get our attention, we may neglect the whole vehicle.
As much as we desire to make everyone happy, happiness is an inside job.

There is a time to set aside our own interests and serve another, as long as it serves us.
When we allow fear-based and personal interests to override the good of the whole, we get off course.
When we let our history, programming and loved ones requests to determine our course, we are lost.
Life provides us with a road map to peace around all the obstacles.
When we learn to read the signs along the way, we can find the high way, the path of happiness.
When we are grateful for the bumps that keep us awake, we quickly choose again to get on course.
When we recognize others' advice and criticism is always for themselves, we say thanks and move on.
When we trust, respect and Love our authentic Self, we serve Spirit and inspiration within first.
When we take time to stay connected with our own sacred journey, we are at peace.
When we listen within and follow the calling of Spirit, we know what is true and loving.
When we give our best by being honest with ourselves and others, we feel confident and capable.
When we take nothing personally and make no assumptions, we stay clear of inner conflict and confusion.
When we live in integrity with the highest and best we know for ourselves and others, we live in grace.

Life is good.
Listen within to find your heart.
Follow what has heart and meaning.
Let no one and nothing dissuade you from your High Truth.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

First we copy those we love.
Copying is a high form of praise and admiration.
Just trying it out....
Then we learn to find our own way.
We must encourage freedom to choose by respecting and trusting each one, no matter how young.
This is how each one learns to value, respect and admire themselves, building spiritual integrity.