Friday, June 29, 2007

Pleasant Words

"Pleasant words are like e honeycomb, sweetness t the soul and health to the body." Proverbs 16:24

Could it be that our unpleasant words are making us sick at heart, in mind and body?

I notice that I only speak in a positive and affirming way to myself.
I seldom entertain negative or rude languaging in person or in media, books or film.
When I let in something negative, I clear it with forgiveness or something neutral, like "Delete".
The way I talk inside is how I was talked to as an infant, with love and respect.
So I was never programmed to swear, threaten, name-call or label myself.
It was modeled to speak with respect and kindness, "please" and "thank you", with a smile.

I notice I forget to make eye contact and smile, when I am too busy with my inner focus.
I choose to spend much time alone in silence, so I can stay connected within.
The only words I hear within are loving, truly health giving and affirming.
I am given Holy work that is meaningful, productive and generous for others.
I am guided to be with those who are appreciative, respectful and receptive.

Consider erasing and forgiving all thoughts and words that are less than pleasant.
Consider undoing patterns of unconscious and unkind speech.
Consider forgoing any cursing, damning or hating anything or anyone.
Notice how free and easy you can breathe when you are kind and considerate in thought, word and deed.

Loving you truly,
Betty Lue