Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Light Has Come

I have forgiven the world in my mind!

Yes, the light dawned on me in the middle of the night during this solstice awakening!!

I engage in sprit-guided communication in my personal and professional life.
I do not (maybe never have) offer emotion-based communication.
Therefore, I lead groups, offer counseling, and lead my life solely from inspiration.
I do business with Spirit.
I practice business with a spiritual intention and support that intention with all I think and do.
I speak, teach and lead with Spirit.
I listen to what I say and watch what I do with the focus of leading others to be inspired.
I interact with family and friends, listening within to Spirit and let Love lead the way.
This means I often say very little. I do not socialize or chat.
I do not attend parties or go out to eat or share stories on the phone.
My life is solely about inspiring and being inspired with the Love, Joy and Peace of God.

This makes me different, some would say weird, but I do not notice because I am living in delight.
It was only last night that I asked to understand a perplexing relationship experience!
I asked, "What was that all about?"
I talk and think differently. I cannot fit where I do not belong. I cannot give what I do not have.
I will not express what is not inspiring for myself and the other.

I seek to support and be supported by offering only what is inspiring.
I seek to respect and be respected by inviting forgiveness and clearing of all that is not loving and true.
I seek to let go immediately of the egos judgments, fatigue, illusions of guilt and blame.
I seek to return to a natural state of Wholeness, Goodness and Love in which we are all created.

What does this mean when I am tired, sad or scared, upset or needy?
It means I have forgotten. Help me remember the Truth.
I have lost my way. Shine a Light to show me the spiritual path.
I have given more that was called for. Give me some help, so I can rest a minute.
I have not taken impeccable care of myself. Model for me self care and encourage me to do the same.
I am caught in the emotional weather. Be clear and respectful as you ask, "What is the high Truth?"
I am trying to handle other's problems. Encourage me to only follow Spirit-guided priorities.
I think I am doing my work by myself. Remind me I am never alone. God is always with me.

Emotions are transitory. Spiritual guidance is ever-lasting.
Emotions are self-protecting. In our defenselessness lies our safety.
Emotions are personal. Spirit is impersonal.
Emotions get stuck when we judge them. Spirit offers blessing and finds Gift.

When I feel emotional, I remember, "I am never upset for the reason I think"…
and "I never know what anything is really for".
I always accept help in remembering my work is to listen within.

I prefer in all circumstances, personal and professional, Spirit-guided or inspiring communication.
Its benefits:
Fun, safe and easy communication.
Immediate positive change.
Respectful and supportive interaction.
Conscious clarity of intention,
Experiences of deep and profound love,
Remembering wholeness, oneness and Love.
Instant forgiveness of the past.
Laughter, light and return to our natural state of Joy.

So, you ask, what is new about all this, Betty Lue?
We have heard about this for years from you.
"I never saw it all so clearly demonstrated and then elucidated by spirit. It is a great blessing.

I just love how spirit works in our lives.

Loving you,
Betty Lue