Sunday, June 17, 2007

Honor Our Father and Love Our Mother

Respect all fathers and appreciate all mothers.

Have we given full appreciation to our fathers and Our Father?
Are we acknowledging all the masculine energy provides?
Have we created dependence and lack of respect in our desire to take care of everyone?
Are we modeling imbalanced living by sheltering rather than empowering?

Divine Masculine is yang energy; light, creativity, freedom, assertiveness, action, moving forward.
Human male roles traditionally offer, provision and protection, discipline and encouragement.
Divine Feminine is yin energy; love, receptivity, restriction, passiveness, stillness, and maintenance.
Human female roles are traditionally nourishing and nurturing, comforting and supportive.

We need to be still and listen within to receive Spirit's guidance. (Feminine)
We must move forward with courage and confidence to fulfill our life purpose. (Masculine)
Both the yin and yang create balance in whole life success and fulfillment.
Both feminine and masculine energies are given each one of us to actualize our full potential.

Too much of either energy sets up too little of the other, yielding dysfunction and imbalance.

When there are missing pieces in our own history, we may fear, judge, withhold, avoid certain attributes. When we are holding on to unhealed and unforgiven pieces of history, we may reject needed qualities.
When we judge God based on our parental models, we may forsake the abundance of Love available.
When we fear being misguided by authorities or leadership, we may resist inspirational Guidance.

Where we judge, condemn or fear our male role models, we may avoid our own Divine Masculine.
Where we lack appreciation and acceptance or our father, we may deny our own power and limit our potential for successful activity.
Where we judge, condemn or fear our female role models, we may deny our own Divine Feminine.
Where we lack full appreciation and acceptance of our mother figure, we may limit our nurturing and nourishing of ourselves and others.

To be balanced in life, we must forgive and embrace both energies.
The more fluid and flexible we are, the more we allow the circumstances to dictate quiet or activity, acceptance or encouragement, creativity or receptivity, future visioning or present enjoyment.

As an exercise, list positive qualities in your father figure.
Notice whether you appreciate and embody those qualities in your life.
List the positive qualities in your mother figure.
Notice how you appreciate and embody those qualities in your life.

Look at your relationship with Divine Wisdom, the Creative Force and empower yourself with creativity.
Look at your relationship with the bounty of Mother Earth, and acknowledge your unlimited abundance.

Our whole life fulfillment is realized when we fully appreciate
we are the children of an All-Powerful Heavenly Father and eternally loved by an all-Loving Mother.
We are the children of Light and the children of Love, the union of Heaven and Earth.

Loving you, Child of Godliness and Holiness,
Betty Lue
Let us love everyone with a Love that is from the heart.