Friday, June 15, 2007

Glitches in Communication?

Mercury is in retrograde until July 9 or so.
If you believe in this stuff, you might notice a few interruptions or glitches in communication, travel, electronics, etc.

For example, yesterday after being gone from 7Am-10PM, my computer was off and would not restart. They said, "A power surge and fuse blown", when taken to the apple expert today. But right back on a few minutes ago…Yeah. When driving to Petaluma at 7AM, I saw probably 7-9 drivers driving erratically, in and out of lanes. On cell phones, tired, distracted…who knows? Reports of delays in airline travel. Confusion when attempting to be understood……Whatever.

What it all means for me is to take my time and be clear.
Spell out exactly what I mean.
Ask what was heard and understood by the other.
Give a little more time to travel.
Be patient with myself and others.
Breathe when there is judgment or impatience.

Life is a flow of energy either creating more synergy and connection or life is the interruption of flow, creating my dissonance and separation. We each choose which we experience.

Remember what you look for, you find.
What we think, speak and do creates the experience we have.
What we believe we see, so believe the best and let go of the rest.
Interpret what you experience in a way which allows more love, joy and gratitude in your life.

Loving you,
Betty Lue