Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Full Moon Cometh

This is a Blue Moon, as in "once in a blue moon".
The second full moon in the same month is called the Blue Moon.
The full moon seems, for those who are sensitive, to increase or exaggerate whatever is our current state.
Everything is experienced more intensely, similar to PMS for women.
The advantage of increased intensity is that we can experience the present wakeup call .
If we are willing to be awake and responsive, we will stop, look and listen to what is being called forth.

This full moon is an invitation to celebrate summer with its greater heat and light.
In the greater light we see what is missing or messy, what is a mistake or what is needed.
In the greater light we can see and appreciate what is working and in harmony, what is good and whole.
In the greater light we can affirm and honor what is true and loving.

And when there is warmth and sunshine, we can heal and grow and develop ourselves with joy.
We can also get too hot for comfort and feel like exploding with anger and impatience, needing to move, to fix, to undo what is not good for us and for our community.
Anger is a sign of withheld energy.
Anger is an invitation to use our energy in a positive and productive and focused way, creating what we want, not destroying or judging what we do not want.
The question asked openly and sincerely, "What can I do?" or "What can you do?" can develop into powerful creative solutions and opportunities for doing Good.

I use everything as wakeup calls.
When I see another's behavior as less than loving, I may ask myself, "What can I do?"
When I hear f someone in need or hurting, I ask, "What can I do?"
When I know of a cultural need for respect and responsibility, " I ask , 'What can I do?"

When I am free of guilt and blame, of sympathy and shame, I can listen within and respond with Love.
When I know I am perfectly guided from within, I know listening is where to begin.
So I ask my inner voice, "What can I do?"
It serves me to know how to serve to effectivelybring peace to myself and the perceived other.

When in doubt or fear, listen within.
When asking how or why, listen within.
When wanting to heal and grow, listen within.
This I know will bring peace and gratitude to your mind and heart.

Listening within today and everyday,
Betty Lue