Saturday, June 16, 2007

Celebrating Fathers

The Father lives in everyone of us.
Humanity is the creation of the union of Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine and Heavenly Father, the Divine Masculine.
We are here to embody and celebrate both our Yin and Yang nature., our feminine and masculine.
We are to represent the nurturing and support, the receptivity and sensitivity of the feminine and the providing and protecting, the creativity and productivity of the masculine.

Dependent on our level of spiritual development, our life purpose, we each display varying degrees of masculine and feminine energy. We are not necessarily displaying the primary energies of our sex.
Some say that as we evolve we become ever more androgynous or balanced in yin and yang.

Where there is imbalance, there is dis-ease and lack of peace.
Where there is imbalance in politics, there is war, national debt, violent crime, and poverty.
Where there is imbalance in families, there is abuse, divorce, poor parenting and disrespect.
Where there is imbalance within, there is laziness and isolation or aggressiveness and violence.

Where we judge one parent, one sex or one way of being, we generate imbalance.
When parents judge one another with name-calling or with sarcasm, the children lose balance.
When businesses create too much to care for well, the business loses its success potential.
When people have too many activities or stuff to fully integrate and enjoy, we lose real values.

In our culture we seem to take sides, judging one sex as better than the other.
Women are weak or men are insensitive.
When we stop judging, our fears and imbalance subside.
When we begin celebrating, our inner peace and natural balance returns.
Create and observe.
Act and then receive the result of your action.
Give and then receive the gift given.
Celebrate and bask in the feeling of joy and gratitude.
Speak up and then be silent and listen.
Work hard and take time to rest.
Pray to God and always listen within for guidance.
When we recognize both energies are equally valuable and necessary, we will easily find balance within.

Male and female energies, communication styles and mental conceptualization and languaging differ.
The active and the receptive, the creative and the maintenance, the planting and the nurturing, the light and the dark, are all equally valuable to the life process.
Let us find balance within and restore the natural balance on earth.

Celebrate your inner Father, the Creator and Source of protection and provision.
Celebrate your inner Mother, the Nurturer, the love that heals and comforts, nourishes and maintains.
All is well. All is Good. All are a blessing and gift of the All-Loving and All-Powerful God.

Blessings of balance in creativity and receptivity.
Betty Lue

Be aware that Grandpa’s and Daddy’s are fabulous nurturers and educators, often giving freedom and trust (LOVE) with joy and peace.