Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Build, Don't Destroy!

Remember you are unlimited, re Source Full, and capable of living your dreams. Begin NOW!
I am willing to help, inspire, support and encourage. You must be open and willing!


When you know what you want, you go there.
When you know what you have, you appreciate.
When you know what is Real, you celebrate.
All the rest is illusion to be released with forgiveness and blessing.

Complaining is a sign of being off purpose.
Unhappiness indicates you have forgotten what makes you happy.
Being tired tells us we are afraid and judging.
Being upset and cranky says, we are stuck in past muck.

So what to do?
Kill it all and start over? NO!
Suffer and make the best of it? NO!
Find someone to blame or hate your self? NO!

Time to get off the pity pot and look at what you have created.
YES, it is all our creation including our emotional response to it all.
We have chosen what we have and must celebrate our creativity.
Better to be positive about what works and what we value than throw it all out the window.
Better to enjoy what we are grateful for and learn from the rest what we really want.
Better to change our mind than destroy our whole life.
When one pimple appears, it is best not to have cosmetic surgery.
When one mistake is made, it is best not to crucify oneself or spend a lifetime suffering in silence.
Many of us watched parents, grandparents and nations stuck in recrimination with ugly results.

So now what? Take time daily to reflect on simple key questions.
Get up before your family, when it is quiet and you are alone.
What do I really value?
What is meaningful in my life?
What will inspire me and give me energy daily?
What can I do with my life to make a difference?
Where do I receive support and sustenance?
How can I spend more time in the Presence of those who inspire me?
What can I do today to be happy, on purpose and fulfilled?

Questions will lead to more questions.
Never ask why because it yields endless unhelpful questions.
Ask only questions which will give you positive, productive, and moving answers.
How can I become more independent? How can I set myself free?
How can I give the best of me to everyone I encounter?
How can I release my fear and judgment?
How can I fill my cup to overflowing so I am glowing?

My experience is that unhappy people are living what they were taught rather than what is True for them.
My experience is most people are truly cases of suppressed happiness, living a lie.
My experience is most couples support one another's living off purpose to sustain their comfort zone.
My experience is with a little daily spiritual guidance each one of us could be happy and free living our lives in joyful contribution and creativity.

Build on who you are (LOVE) and what you have (FREEDOM of CHOICE) and do what inspires you (GIVE WITH GRATITUDE AND JOY).
This is truly Love in Action.

Loving you!
Betty Lue