Saturday, May 19, 2007

Whatcha Doing?

Good morning! From Thursday, May 17-20, I am teaching T'ai Chi Chih and Holistic Self Renewal every morning at the California Assn. Of Marriage and Family Therapists Conference in Santa Clara, CA about one hour from home, so I am commuting. More economical with finances, food and a good bed at home.
But especially good company and an opportunity to join choir practice on Thursday eve, Reiki Healing Clinic on Friday eve, celebrate Robert's birthday and join him for his talk at church on Sunday. Up by 4 AM and to teach and practice with a large group at 6:30AM is fabulous to teach what really matters.

Have you every thought that your whole life demonstrates what "matters" to you? We give our lives meaning through our thoughts, feelings and activities, as well as the people with whom we associate and the joyful giving and receiving, teaching and learning we do along the way. My life is happy, inspiring, creative and abundantly rich with contribution because I have made it so. I choose everyday in everyway to take care of myself, my home, my family and my stuff so I can give easily, naturally and freely without thought for my own needs. I have clarified and simplified my needs, so they can be managed with little time, effort or money. I have chosen to live by way of giving, because in giving I find the greatest joy and fulfillment. I have chosen to teach and inspire, because in sharing I am reminding myself everyday. I have chosen to remember we all are Love with a desire to give and receive Love. I have chosen to create unlimited relationships to experience the infinite possibilities of what love can do.

What are you doing with your life?
If you like it and find it fulfilling, keep on living with gratitude and prune what doesn't fulfill you.
If you find it empty and lacking, forgive and bless it all and choose again.
Look for who an what you envy, desire for yourself and begin to imagine it, give it and be appreciative.

Life is an endless opportunity to choose again and create what you really want!!

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Next week we are off to Asheville, NC for a Vision Quest!!