Monday, May 07, 2007

Taking a Stand

Stand up for what you believe in.
Speak out with what you know.
Dare to do what you can do.
Seek to live so Love will grow.

Yesterday I spoke about the unity of Buddha and Jesus.
They both taught "do no harm."
"Love everyone as yourself."
"Live a life of kindness and respect for all."

When we look for differences we find conflict.
When we seek sameness, we experience peace.

When uncertain about how to approach others, find the common goal or value.
Build conversation and communion from the place of sameness.
Where we can speak freely, we tell the heartfelt truth.
When we feel safe, we allow our heart to express its Truth.

Approaching the world from a place of separation, we protect and defend.
Seeing the world as calling for healing and unity, we listen and respond.

Yes, healing takes time, but time is what we have to heal.
Yes, loving takes forgiveness, but forgiveness is what brings happiness and peace.
Yes, life seems full of challenge, but challenge is what refines and strengthens us.
Yes, fears may cloud the Son, but a fresh breeze and spring rain will clear the air.

Each one of us is here to learn to Love, no matter the weather.
Whether or not we feel like it, we can Love.
Whether or not we want to, we can choose to Love.
Whether or not the other receives us, we can remember Love.

Love is our purpose in being.
Love does not distinguish between friend or foe, color or nationality.
Love simply is, the ground of our being and the hope for our future.
Love never quits. Love never fails.
Love is All.

Betty Lue