Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Our Response Ability

It is a choice to love and respect another.

It takes sensitivity to feel their hurt or fear. (under their anger or defensiveness).
It takes humility to admit you were unkind, disrespectful or insensitive in your behavior or words.
It takes courage to admit being wrong and to apologize by saying, "I am sorry."
It takes willingness to learn from errors to find a better way to relate.
It takes self-forgiveness to let go of the guilt and learned tendency to withdraw or blame the other.
It takes openness to fully appreciate the whole process as healing and beneficial to both.

Life offers many lessons in love and loving.
Life consistently challenges our learning.
When we are happy and peaceful, we have passed.
When we are unhappy and conflicted, we have failed to learn.

Love yourself as a student of life.
Appreciate all the learning you have done, are doing and will do in the future.
Making mistakes are merely opportunities to expand your learning.

Loving all students of life, as I love my own learning.
Betty Lue