Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mothers All Are We!

Male or female, child or adult, alone or in a family, we all are nurturers and nourishers.

Thank those who nourish you…cooks, growers, providers of what brings you life.
Thank those who nurture you….TV ministers, a hugging co worker, someone who listens.
Thank those who believe in you.. . empowering friends, your boss, spirit, your pets.
Thank those who teach you…teachers, motivators, authors, children, students, everyday folk.
Thank any and all of those in your world who contribute to your conscious living.

Any and all of those who support you like the Earth Mother herself with her beauty and bounty must be appreciated everyday, but most especially this Sunday. So often we take for granted the one who loved us into being here, being whole, being capable, being loving, being Who We Are.

Now is the time to give our gratitude and profound Love for all that has been given.

I want to thank those of you who support me and these Loving Reminders.

Sherry, Donna, Audrey, you have been steadfast in your monthly tithe to Reunion Ministries and these reminders.
You are very much the nurturers of my daily inspiration and I thank you.
And there are those who give when Spirit moves you and I thank you as well for remembering to support what inspires you.
To those who read and practice these loving reminders, you are building a better world for our children for generations to come.
Thank you for praying for The work we do together.
Thank you for praising God within for giving us the gifts of inspiration and wisdom to be shared with everyone.
And to those of you who are listening within to your own daily loving reminders, Thank you for mothering yourself and all.

While only several thousand people receive these loving reminders,
it is my prayer and belief that the reminders we live are the ones that truly give Hope, build faith and inspire Love.

I am loving and listening for us All.
In Love and Gratitude,
Betty Lue