Sunday, May 06, 2007

Givers: Stay Connected to Spirit!

All that I give is given to myself.
Giving and Receiving are One.
When in doubt, give what you would want given to you.
Giving your best is always Best for You.

These all sound good and may even be purrrfect for the occasion.
However, often we are giving for the "wrong" reasons…..

We may be giving to get the problem to go away.
We may be giving because we think the other is incapable.
We may be giving because we believe the other is too needy pleading for help.
We may be giving in order to get something for ourselves later.
We may be giving because we were taught to always lend a hand.
We may be giving because we think it get brownie points in heaven.
We may be giving because we are scared and want to handle our own fear and feelings.
We may be giving because we believe we know what is best for the other person.

Before rushing in to rescue or teach or fix another, it is best to assess where we are.
Where are we attached to the outcome?
How do we want to be right?
Who are we trying to help or fix?
What do we think we know?
Where are we getting our solutions?
Is what we have in mind going to be truly helpful?
Have we really been asked for our help and solutions?

Some spiritual wisdom from within:
Always send love, both trust in the process and the freedom to explore.
Listen within for guidance from your spiritual center, your seat of loving wisdom, the God within.
Your receptivity to spirit will be reassuring and bring peace, whether or not expressed aloud.

To counsel, coach, advise or help:
Give only after you have listened.
Give when invited.
Give when the other is willing to listen.

Rescuing or fixing another is often simply taking care of our own needs.
Preaching or demanding is often taking responsibility for anothers' solutions.
If you imagine we all learn best from natural consequences of our actions and behavior,
the interference of another (helpful parent, friend, caregiver) may distract from lesson of natural consequences.
Wait until you are called, guided, invited to help.
Listen within for guidance.
Give the highest and best you know…
Trust in the process with the freedom to explore.
Let go and Let God.

Loving you,
Betty Lue