Thursday, May 03, 2007

Full Moon Blues and Spring Fever

There are so many external influences on our psyches and bodies.
When we remember we are not our bodies or our emotions, we can transcend that influence.

Human beings have bodies and emotions.
Human beings have thoughts and dreams.
Spiritual Being are not their bodies, their thoughts or their emotions.
Spiritual Beings are eternally whole and happy and free.

How do we get from humanness to divinity?
How do we transcend the world we see?
How do we forgive and release the apparency?
How do we remember we are Spirit incarnate?

Breathe in a circular pattern.
Whenever you get stuck in limited thinking.
Whenever you find yourself caught in your feelings.

Recognize and erase what limits or hurts you.
Undo what is not true about God.
Release anything that is not Love.

Practice quieting your mind.
Meditate 20 minutes daily…sitting, moving or standing.
Read and watch only inspiration.
Laugh for no reason.

Be grateful for everything.
Be thankful even for what you don't like, because it teaches you what you don't like.
Praise the behaviors you want to increase and ignore the rest.

Love yourself.
Love the life you have created.
Love those you encounter for they represent parts of yourself and God.

There you go. You are on your way to heaven.

Peace be with You,
Betty Lue

Sunset and Rainbows. You can count on it in Kona, HI