Monday, May 14, 2007

Every Upset Is A Wake Up Call

Every upset is a wakeup call.
Every upset is about us, not about the “other”.
Every upset tells us we are off purpose or off balance.
Every upset requires inner listening and following not egoic processing.

The purpose of relationships is to show us where we need to heal ourselves.
Relationships are not meant to put us to sleep and make us comfortable by hiding our unloving thoughts.
Relationships are pot-stirrers showing us where we are judging and denying ourselves and others. Relationships offer multiple opportunities to forgive guilt, resentment, hurt and fear.

The real work is to heal our wounds, take impeccable care of ourselves, find and live our purpose.
The real work is to step from conflict to peace, from judgment to gratitude, from fear to Love.
When we do this real work, no one and nothing can hurt or upset us, limit or belittle us.
We are full of love, trust and freedom, so we can always respond with Love as guided by Spirit.

Forgiveness is a choice.
Forgiveness is a gift of Love.
Forgiveness sets us free to love and give again.
Forgiveness is the willingness to see things differently.
Forgiveness sees no past, but only the gift of Now.
Forgiveness is laughing away the fear and separation.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love to clear away all judgments.
Forgiveness recognizes the melodrama is a temporary illusion of right/wrong.
Forgiveness is seeing the unity beneath the apparent duality.
Forgiveness is understanding "The Way, The Truth and the Life" refer to the path to Oneness.

Forgiveness is an extraordinary fine art and healing science which creates happiness and harmony.
Giving you the best gifts I know to heal yourself, your relationships and your world.
Betty Lue

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On Fridays we spend the day at Sofia and Gia’s house in Petaluma (1 hr from here) to give Mommy a little respite time to nurture herself. We arrive at 8AM usually and take Gia (8 1/2yrs) to school, Sofia to the park, read dozens of books, play in the yard, do grocery shopping, prepare lunch and dinner, pick up Gia at 2:30, and have a fun afternoon of special adventures: sticker factory, library,shopping, park, kite-flying, computer games, etc. before we all eat dinner when Dad gets home at 5PM or so. This is a beautiful family gathering for us and the girls.
These pictures represent the giggles and joy.

Copycat was noticed by Mommy and Robert. Sofia is 18 mos.