Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ever Make Mistakes?

To heal errors:

Be aware of your mistake. See it.
Acknowledge your error. Confess it.
Allow it to be released and let go. Forgive it.
Aha's and helpful and healing insights will come to you. Be quiet and listen within.
Affirm what you now are choose.
Accept what is given for the Good of All.
Appreciate all the learning and healing, blessing and gifts.

The fastest way to undo a mistake is to forgive yourself and choose again.
Simply request that Holy Spirit use it all for the Good of All.

Know it is done and So it is.

Betty Lue

“Everything works together for Good”.
(When you believe it does!!!!)

My experimentation has shown me that even the past can be undone and reversed,

when we have forgiven ourselves and given it all to God.