Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Being Truly Helpful

What may be helpful to one may be harmful to another.
What may be beneficial to one, may be detrimental to others.
What may be Truth for one, may be false for another.
What may be easy and fun for one, may be difficult and serious for another.

In our families, workplaces and friendships, we tend to generalize applying what is good for one to all.
When in fact, this leads to difficulty, upset and problems.

When we receive teasing, some may feel loved. Others may feel distracted and still others are annoyed.
When experiencing helpfulness, some feel appreciative. Others feel belittled and still others disheartened.
When offered advice and creative solutions, some feel valued. Others feel invalidated and distrusted.
When given gifts and financial support, some feel grateful. Others feel ashamed and others confused.

Some need conversation and others need quiet.
Some need affection and others need physical space.
Some need direction and others need to work it out themselves.
Some need affirmation and others want to affirm themselves.
Some need help and guidance. Others want no interference.
Some need reassurance. Others want to be left alone.

Confused about how to be helpful?
Respect the other.
Trust them to know what they need.
Give them the opportunity to ask.
Be willing to respond in the best way for them.
Give only what will be gratefully received.
Let your inner listening guide you in what may be of value.

Love is freedom..the freedom to explore, to discover, to make mistakes, to learn from life experience.
Love is trust…the trust that we all are unique in learning and growing, healing and creating wholeness.

Give yourself and others, of all ages, the opportunity to learn and grow without interference.
Most of us have enough to do, minding our own business.

My rule of thumb: (Occasionally set aside, when there appears to be danger or inner guidance.)
Offer help, advice, support,
1) only when asked or invited.
2) with private appointment or sacred group,
3) payment is given (sincere gratitude given, help offered is utilized, money or trade is exchanged).

Give when and where your gift is received and valued.

Giving what I am guided to give everyday in everyway to everyone,
Betty Lue