Saturday, May 05, 2007

Admire. Don't Compare.

Don't dare compare yourself with anyone.
There is no one like you.
No one can take your place.

Comparison yields judgments, envy, arrogance and belittling.
Comparison is the evaluation of what is unique to each.
Comparison is relative, based on beliefs, values and current cultural fads.
Comparison sets us up for trying to be better or greater or even the best.

What a silly concept to be better than another?
Competition in western culture is the way we outdo, out-produce and increase our profits and win.
Competition seems to benefit society by making improvements on what already is.
Is there an expense to building comparison into scientific, educational, sports and industrial systems?

Admiration yields inspiration.
Admire means "to look toward."
What we admire we focus on.
Where we place our focus we strengthen in ourselves.

When we compare, we may see ourselves lacking.
When we focus on lack, we tend to find more fault and failings.
When we focus on what is missing, we lose esteem and confidence.
When we focus on what we devalue in ourselves, we increase our devaluation.

When we admire, we may see a role model and appreciation.
When we focus on appreciation, we see more to value and follow.
When we focus on what is valued, we gain self worth and self appreciation.
When we focus on what we value in ourselves, we grow in confidence and courage..

Over the years, I have found that by seeking to know the lifestyle, habits and philosophy of those I admire, I actually find myself without effort becoming more and more like them.
When I find myself comparing with others (either positive or negative), my judgments weaken me.

What we perceive in others, we strengthen in ourselves.

I am Loving you and seeing you always whole and holy.
We each one are a blessing to all.

Betty Lue