Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring Into Action

When spring comes, depending on the weather, your life energy cycles, and the inspired consciousness that brings you spiritual vision,
we must step forward in faith to commit, affirm and activate that vision.

As children we are taught to "wish" on a star, birthday candles and a dandelion seed pod.
As adults we are encouraged to hope and pray to some external force who w designate as the script writer, producer and director of our life's movie.
As Spirit guided visionaries, we come to know we are given glimpses of prophecy, spiritual guidance and insights by the composite overview, Infinite Intelligence or Higher Power.
However, in our ignorance and enthusiasm, we may set course without asking for daily direction to accommodate the myriad of moment by moment changes that occur on our planet.
Or in our spiritual laziness, we may believe the law of attraction and affirmation simply does all the work.

There are seven steps to fulfillment which I encourage we strengthen in ourselves.
Vision is to see the outcome for the Highest good of All. (Spiritual vision includes all creation.)
Faith is believing in things unseen. Believe Goodness and Love are the Source of all that Is.
Desire is allowing your heart to feel fully the power of enthusiasm for what is of the Father
Commitment is making the choice to follow only God's Will and the Will of Good in all things.
Strategy is listening to the spiritual guidance of the Voice of God in you, relinquishing planning.
Action is the willingness to step by step do what is asked of you each day in every relationship.
Gratitude comes from giving thanks for the blessings as they occur. Appreciation increases.

Keys for us to remember.
God's Will blesses everyone and is not special for a few.
We are the eyes and ears, the hands and feet and Voice of God.
Our holy work inspired by the Spirit of Infinite Love that lives in us is what is healing ourselves and our earthly home.
To be truly dependent on God is to forgive our defensiveness and protecting our own special domain.
Prayer is the "praise" and giving thanks for the blessings and the spiritual power that already is.
Salvation comes from forgiving and relinquishing all that is not of God.
We will see the whole and healed creation when we have forgiven and erased our miscreation.

Loving me and you into full remembering and recognition of the Goodness of God,
Betty Lue

Life is for Giving. We are the gifts.
It is in giving ourselves that we remember the Gift we are.