Sunday, April 08, 2007

Renewal of Body, Mind and Spirit

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
Easter is the time to remember….
"Hu-man" means "God-man".

What I see are Spirit beings wearing suits of skin, appearing as physical animals.
Our mistake was to forget our spiritual nature and acting like animals rather than the holy beings we are.
In forgetting we fell asleep and succumbed to the prevalent theories of limitation, lack, littleness.
We appear to grow old, suffer and die like the animal kingdom, allowing our fears to direct our life path. When we are unconscious, we imagine ourselves to be victims and at the effect of a fallen world.

Easter is the time to remember and renew our Spirits.
We are here to represent Love, the all powerful, all-inclusive and creative energy of the Universe.
We are here to awaken our sleeping family to remember our true nature.

Here we are as the dawn comes, ready to renew our Spirits and recommit our lives.
Here we are, committed to reclaim our Loving Purpose.
Here we are, honoring One who showed the way by living everyday faithfully loving everyone.
Here we are, open and willing to forgive and heal, to choose again to give our best to our world.

The garden of Goodness is at hand.
It requires warmth and light in which to be nourished.
We are each the garden and the gardener.
What we give to one another we also receive for ourselves.

Let us release what is mistaken.
Let us forgive what is judged.
Let us remember what was forgotten.
Let us renew what seeks to be restored.

Praise God for the Light within Us.
Praise God, let Love abide.

Blessed Easter Time and Spring Renewal.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

A Butterfly experience is for every child.
Just remember we are ever renewable beings!
The story here:

Lila found this beautiful cr
eature lying upside down on the stone path.
Grandma gently carried her to the sun to let her wings dry and warm.

While she was dazed and not in great shape, we admired and enjoyed her beauty for over 90 minutes.

With the miracle of warmth and light, along with our love and appreciation, she flew away
..first circling overhead in her salute of gratitude, while we cheered and clapped for her.

And our buddy, Beckett just enjoyed the show!