Sunday, April 29, 2007

On Call for Good / On Call for God

My spiritual partner, best friend, husband of 22 years, soul mate and more committed our lives to be available for God's calling 22 years ago on April 10. Both of us were serving our communities and spiritual families individually. When we were brought together, a mutual respect, support and co-creative spirit emerged. Lifetime relationships are meant to be a Godsend for healing, co-creation and spiritual enlightenment.

When one makes a commitment, a spiritual promise, to join in holy union, the gift is to realize God and Goodness are present in whatever is presented. To love unconditionally, to serve from the heart and to always remember God and the Good are the key.

Yesterday Robert and I joined to officiate the wedding of dear friends…one long time friend and one new friend. In the vows they exchanged, everyone present was given the opportunity to look within, listen again to their commitment to love, really Love without excuse, without judgment, without end. So often in life, we fear loving and being loved because we believe it may end. Without that threat, there is no fear and the way is clear to heal, forgive, find peace, understand, offer acceptance, where we might have walked away.

It is key in our commitment to love one and all that we remember a Love that quits is not Love.
Love never quits.
Love never seeks excuses to bail out.
Love always looks for the healing.
Love is willing to go the extra mile.
Love finds spiritual peace with God.
Love seeks to accept the person.
Love is Good and lasting.
Love is pure and true.
Love is loyal and forgiving.
Love make life worthwhile.

Love is the best I Am,
Betty Lue

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