Monday, April 23, 2007


Big mistakes or little mistakes, all are simply mistakes.
When we allow mistakes to hurt us, create resentment, fear and guilt., they become bigger.
"Mis-take" simply means to look again for another "take" on the same experience.
When we judge, make bad and wrong, evil and sinful, we attack and create guilt and fear.

When we accept and trust, respect and look again beneath the apparent error, we can perceive Good.
We see what we believe.
We look for proof that our expectations are correct.
We seek and find what we asked to find.

When our mind is focused on finding someone or something to blame, we look until we make it real.
When we focus on being someone to love, heal and make happy, we bless and appreciate.

I guarantee if we are looking for a problem, we will find one, create one, or make one happen.
If we are looking for peace, we will trust, open our minds, let go of judgments and see the blessing.

Our minds work like magnets and attract…..
Or our minds are like spotlights only lighting up what we want to see.
Or our minds are like creative lasers only manifesting that which proves us right.

Katie Couric mentioned that historically, last week has beget the Waco massacre, Columbine shooting, Oklahoma City bombing and now the Virginia Tech tragedy. She also said a writer described April as the cruelest month.

Whatever we may think about how these things happen in clusters or during special times:
We can choose to forgive, undo, heal and make peace.
We can choose to see cruelty as a desperate cry for help and Love.
We can make a tragedy become a blessing by changing out own responses and relationships.
We can stop judging and start giving and living our best.
We can make each relationship significant, even with "strangers".
We can stop making others feel guilty as a way to stop their bad behavior.
We can trust that everyone is doing the best they can with what they know.
We can make a commitment to apologize when we see we may have offended someone.
We can forgive ourselves for our own mistakes and choose again for a better way.
We can listen within for how to respond to those we see as victims.
We can look for ways everyday to create a better world for our children.
We can appreciate more and judge less.
We can make peace with the past.
We can choose to be truly helpful.

What can you do that will make your world a better place, today and every day?

Loving you with the best I know, the Love I am, and the good I have,
Betty Lue

And here are some Love pictures to remind you!
All the toddlers take care of Baby Beckett and love one another!