Thursday, April 12, 2007

Let Go and Let in the Good

When we hold clouds of ill will, fear or self doubt, the Sun of Goodness is not experienced.
The Light of our essential Love is always shining without fail, but our perception may be clouded with shadows in our mind. It is through our forgiveness, our willingness to let go of fear, guilt and blame, that we come to see the Light.

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
Letting go is natural to those who trust.
Letting go of fear is essential to fully realize Love.
Letting go is the forgiving of everything that is not of God.

The fastest way to the Light and Love of God is through forgiveness here.
The most effective way to heal our feelings is through the release of unhappy emotions.
The easiest way to listen within to the heart of God is through turning off the amplifier to the world's ills.
The greatest Love we can give is the unconditional love of God for all His Creation.

However you may believe, you will find great peace, happiness and inner direction through forgiving all the clouds of unforgiveness and unconsciousness within your mind.

Loving you and all, as I let go and let God and goodness direct or lives,
Betty Lue