Monday, April 16, 2007

Having Rest on Giving

What you have depends on what you give.
Giving is our reason for living.

It is through what we give that we receive the gift of purpose and well being.
It is by our gifts that our essence is made clear to us.
It is through the ways we reach out in Love and faith and generosity that our abundance is experienced.
It is in expressions of inner Truth and outer words and deeds that our Goodness and Godliness is realized.

When you see yourself as lacking, you withhold giving and try to get.
When you see yourself as limited, you give with conditions and envy others freedom.
When you see yourself as unworthy, you seek worth through achievements and seeking approval.
When you see yourself as guilty or sinful, you may seek to deny and purify yourself through penance.

Forgiveness comes from a willingness to begin again.
Forgiveness seeks to remove all barriers to extending the Truth of our Divine heritage.
Forgiveness longs to give itself with compassion and loving kindness.
Forgiveness finds courage and confidence in the generous and joyous abundant giving of ItSelf.

What would it take for you to forgive all stinginess, all hoarding, all worry and all selfness?
What would it take for you to bring yourself to each relationship with a quest to give only your best?
What would it take for you to recognize that your loving Essence is still shining within?
What would it take for you to love yourself enough to bless the world with your Love?

When we have forgotten the rich and fertile flow of love within, prime the pump by spiritual receptivity.
Trying to get from others to fill ourselves will continue to yield an experience of a never enough.
Still your judging and comparative mind. Calm your fears of not having enough.
Give yourself time to listen within to the Loving Spirit that guides your life when you are open.
Receive the unlimited and unconditional Love that comes from the Infinite Source and ReSource.
Honor the One Who loves you without question or condition.
Give yourself the opportunity to receive that you might give fully and freely.

Asking nothing and giving everything bring abundant joy in your generosity of Spirit.
To have All that is whole and Good and Loving, Give All that is whole and Good and Loving.

Your Loving Reminder…
Giving All to All that we All might remember how deeply and proufoundly we are all loved,
Betty Lue