Friday, April 13, 2007

Happiness is a Choice

Whenever we are choosing to be unhappy, we are stepping away from Truth.
Whenever we are believing in suffering and pain, we are following the world.
Whenever we think of God as punishing or leading us into unhappiness, we are making up a false God.
Whenever we imagine the God of Love is setting us up for difficulty, disaster or death, we are assigning Him with false characteristic.

God being Love is also Happiness.
God wants for all creation peace, joy and ease.
God leads us to avoid pain and problems.
God is a constant guide when we would listen and follow.

If I have chosen a path of unhappiness, I am choosing to follow my own Will.
Fearful thinking, terror, defensiveness and separation fro Source are signs of the ego being in charge.
The ego while appearing to have our best interests at heart leads us to never be satisfied with our quest for external happiness.
The egos needs are never satisfied leading us from pain to pleasure to pain.

Seeking for Truth is the quest for spirit's guidance moment to moment.
Seeking for Truth is the request for the fun, safe and easy path.
Seeking for Truth is the choice to be happy and in Love.
Seeking for Truth is letting go of everything that is not Love and Peace and Joy.

Love the process and the path,
Betty Lue