Sunday, March 11, 2007

Who is Teaching You?

Your Parents?
The media?
Your children?
Scientific Research?
Motivational speakers?
Life's experiences.
Your history?
Latest Fads?
Your peers?
Your workplace, employer and co-workers?
Your spiritual practice?
Your fears and tears?
Your inner guidance?

Our lives are filled with teachers: teachers of belief, teachers of temptation, teachers of the best they know, teachers of deception,
teachers of how to get rich and how to stay poor, teachers of health and teachers of illness, teachers of faith and teachers of fear.

When we are greedy learners we may learn from everyone and get confused about the conflicting messages.
When we are lazy learners, we may let any message be learned and act on it.
When we are selective learners, we may choose a theme for what we listen to and believe.
We have choice in what we learn and from whom we learn.

Pay attention to the lives of those you allow to teach you.
Notice the experience you have within yourself, when you receive the teachings.
Ask yourself if the messages resonate with what is true for you and your life purpose.
Receive what is good and healthy and empowering for your highest good.
Let the rest go with your gratitude and blessing.

Life is our learning laboratory.
We are here to explore and experiment with inner and outer teachings and teachers.
As we become more awake and aware, we can choose more consciously for that which serves us.
The end result is a willingness to listen within for the Highest Truth and the way that works for us.

Emancipation, maturity and the rite of passage into full responsibility questions all external teachings.
We come to recognize that it is healthy and healing to let go of old ways that no longer work.
We forgive ourselves for lingering in historical patterns that are self-defeating and diminishing.
We stop wishing it were different and hoping things will change.
We become the change in our lives.

There is an inner teacher waiting for your full attention and willingness to listen within.
Listen and trust.
Listen and follow.
Listen and learn.
Listen and let go.

Loving you,
Betty Lue