Thursday, March 08, 2007

What is God?

Question from a recipient of Loving Reminders:
Could you help me to understand what God is?
They say God is everything and the It/he/she created
To let go of fear I need to understand.... If God created and is everything, then it is the negative and the worst AND the Good.... but this I do not like to believe.... I believe more that everything exists; and within everything there is a force we call God and it is Good. This force outweighs the bad. people i talk to and science of mind and unity all say that God IS everything and that makes no sense to me...

Can you help me to understand G
od as Good and Goodness and Love for me." JE

What a beautiful question for us all to ask ourselves.
God is Love and Love is God. Love is the creative power, the Force, the Infinite, All powerful Presence. Because we are individuated drops of God-ness, we represent that unlimited powerful creative potential here in physical form. In our separation from our Goodness, we have made up the opposite or a duality of experiences. Some say this duality is illusion. Some deny there is anything other than God to create the experience of only God. Some fight against the evil. Some condemn the sins of others and stop loving in their condemnation. Some are afraid and withdraw from the world in ivory towers, caves of meditation, institutions of contemplation and mental isolation. We each have our own way of believing and dealing with what appears to be the "reality" here in bodies. To find our own belief is to make it true for us. To find what brings you peace is your quest.

There is no external Truth for all beings. There is only the Truth that makes you whole.
My truth is that our Source and Creator loves the True Creation, the truth of whoWe Are.
God sees us with Love and wants only happiness for us all.
To be happy, we must suspend our judgments of ourselves and one another.
To remember our loving Self and the Love in which we are created will return us to Wholeness.
Forgiveness is the tool the Holy Spirit gave us to clear our fear and judgments of one another.
Gratitude and praise of Good and God appreciates and grows that Goodness.
With full appreciation of all creation, we come to realize God.

In other words, evil, bad, disease, death, accidents and wars were not created by God.
They are a temporary worldly belief system created by the co-creative minds of those who are separate from their intrinsic state of Goodness and God.

We experience "not Godly" things only here in duality, the land of separation from God.
Therefore, they are not real in the Eternal sense, and are not created or known by God.

This is a very deep and important question to ask ourselves and listen within.
I am open and willing to hear from you, the reader, if you have listened within…
(Not to someone else's answer, but to your own!!)
The Voice of God speaks to each of us in the most loving and reassuring language we can hear.

Loving you and you and you…Because we are the one Son, the one Light , the One Love of God,
"Forgiveness is our function as the Light of the World".
Betty Lue

When we remember only Love, we are healed and whole and Holy Happy!
My very own swing!!