Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Time to Vision and Begin

We are about to spring into spring.
Are you ready?
Have you begun?
What is the crop you want to plant, tend and harvest this year?
How can you clarify your focus and spiritual direction?

Look within your own heart and mind.
See what your life is showing you.
Ask of your higher Self where you can contribute to yourself, source and your world.
Give yourself the gift of daily Loving Reminders in whatever form is best for you.
Take each moment of each day as gift and give it your best attention and gratitude.
Let life teach you day by day and person by person what you can do and where to give.

We are often so into getting that we forget…
It is in giving that we receive.
It is in forgiving that we are forgiven.
It is in teaching that we are learning.
It is in loving that we feel loved.

Your life is your garden.
You are the gardener.
It is in tending the garden you are given that you realize your free choice and limitless abilities.
You can leave your garden barren.
You can work hard and tend it with care for a fulfilling harvest.
You can haphazardly plant a few ideas and then let it just idly grow with weeds and all.
You are responsible for the garden of your life.

Enjoy the experience with gratitude and joy.
Betty Lue

Off to HI on Thursday for a week. How about joining us in July?