Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Rites

Take a walk.
Smell the air.
Feel the coming warmth.
Enjoy the new growth.
Watch the increasing Light.
Listen to the birds celebrate.
Notice the changing color in the leaves.
See the sky change.
Feel the earth, mud and new grasses.
Life springs forth all around us.

There is ever present renewal.
Everyday even in the winter, there is new life.
Babies are born, cells are regenerated.
The eternal cycle of life and renewal is constant.

It is in our appreciation that hope is born.
It is in our joy that we inspire creativity.
It is in our consciousness that we kindle our faith.
It is in our willingness that we are born again.

Happy willing learners are curious and eager.
Faithful followers listen and learn.
Innocent wisdom lets go with the promise of renewal.
The children of God and Goodness are forgiving and hopeful.

Now is the time.
We are the ones.
Celebrate the Eternal spring that lives within.
In each and every moment fall in Love.

Lifting my heart in joyful gratitude and praise.
So blessed by all life and our Presence here together,
Betty Lue