Saturday, March 10, 2007

Say "YES!"

"No" blocks the flow.
"No" creates resistance.
"No" teaches others to think and say and act out "No".
"No" often is energized by anger and fear.

Rather than block the flow, create a way to say "Yes."

Yes, you can trust me to hear you.
Yes, I hear what you believe.
Yes, you deserve an opportunity to share.
Yes, you have a right to be heard.
Yes, you are loved, respected and supported.
Yes, you are a child of God.
Yes, you can do whatever you envision, really desire, commit to achieve and take action.
Yes, the universe offers unlimited opportunities.
Yes, we are all in this together.
Yes, life works when we do the work.
Yes, I want you to come with me.
Yes, this is the time to eat.
Yes, we are going to go to bed now.
Yes, you will sit here, until you are ready to do your chores.
Yes, I know you can keep your agreements.
Yes, you love me and want to treat me with respect just as I do you.

Use your creative mind to transform all negatives into positives.

Yes, I am choosing to live in a universe of love where we can trust that all is well.
And therefore, it is……
Loving you with a BIG YES!
Betty Lue