Thursday, March 22, 2007

The High Way of Life

We are off to Kona HI this AM and will return March 30th…
Singing, Treasure-Mapping, MasterMind, Moving Meditation, Inner Listening, Writing Our Story, Poetry, Chants, Remembering Our Inner Truth, Living on Purpose, Gathering in Prayer, Owning our Wholeness, Learning from All Life, Being Holy Present and the Present We All Are.

Remember this is your life.
You can choose the way of gratitude or complaining.
You can choose the way of Light or of Darkness.
You can choose to awaken or go to sleep.
You can choose what to share and what to keep.
You can choose how to love or what to fear.
You can choose when to cry and when to cheer.
You can choose to live in heaven here or create your living hell.
You can choose to how you live and how you die.
You can choose to build a tunnel or learn to fly.
Life and how we live it is our choice.

No matter what the external circumstances, we are at choice in how we respond.
Historical and hysterical reactions will yield the same old results.
To take full responsibility for our own experience is our creative power.
Let us celebrate and be grateful we have the choice.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Hope you come to HI on spiritual retreat with us next time….
July 17th, 2007 and again next year….