Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Gratitude Appreciates Your Life.

A note of appreciation from on of the recipients of Loving Reminders:
Betty Lue, again much appreciation and gratitude for the loving reminders. I wanted to let you know that I am re-discovering the power of expressing thanks for EVERYTHING - every person, situation, circumstance. In doing this it is becoming a feeling incorporated into the cells of my body as I feel the thankfulness on a physical level now - not just as a mental mantra. As such my judgments are quickly dissipating and now I am even able to catch myself right in the middle, or right after, I have made some judgment of another or a situation. Then I send blessings to the person or situation simply saying blessings! Also, I say thank you to the person and/or the situation. This is truly a universe of infinite abundance and the attitude of gratitude I am adopting is bringing forth the realization of that in my conscious awareness. The awareness of this infinite abundance boggles the mind but enlivens the heart. I was looking at some photos taken by Hubble and one of them was of the Sombrero Galaxy. It has 800 million stars (our Milky Way 200 million). Looking at these deep space objects continues to open my awareness to the fact that THERE IS NO LACK in the universe. Lack is only a narrow perception of a narrow slice of perception. THERE IS ONLY ABUNDANCE and the evidence is every, every, every where here and now.

Here is one expression of what gratitude can do.
Whatever you think you want or need, be grateful that you have it and it will be so.
Literally giving thanks is the fastest way to manifest the True gifts we desire.
So much of life is spent wishing, complaining, ignoring, wanting it better, not valuing what we have.
Therefore we continue creating the experience of not enough and lack.

No matter the hurt, upset or problem, be grateful.
When unsure or feeling lacking or limited, be grateful.
Gratitude alone will awaken the spirit in you to see the gifts all around you.
Gratitude will grow and increase what you appreciate.

Life is for giving and You are the gift.
When you recognize your gifts of creativity, love, wisdom, renewal, you will be grateful.
When you are grateful to be right where you are, you will see the gifts within you.
The realization of gratitude (and forgiveness) as the true healers of the human experience sets us free.

Grateful for you,
Grateful who you are in my life,
Grateful for all you do,
Grateful for what you give,
Grateful for how you are learning and growing,
Grateful for how we love and respect one another,
Just plain grateful!
Betty Lue